Fine Art Photography by Kirk Skinner
Fine Art Photography by Kirk Skinner
Fine Art Photography by Kirk Skinner

About Me


Kirk is a self-taught San Jose based photographer exploring a modernist approach to photography. His love of the medium became apparent is his first darkroom class while studying Film at American University in Washington DC…that first image that emerged from the darkroom still impacts his work today always searching for that play on shadows and light.

Kirk transforms urban space and the natural world, distilling the essence of shape and form, to build a minimalist vision. 

His work is inspired by the painter David Hockney and his pool paintings and photographer Fan Ho and his unique ability to sculpt with light.

My Process

My Work

My work is driven by the obsession I have to record and scrutinize the spaces I find myself in. I search for new minimal forms by amplifying the everyday, removing elements whether observing the urban landscape or a tree that is transformed into a neural network. It’s all about the drama. 

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